Fuckbook review



Fuckbook has a similar name to the social medial giant Facebook but it’s all about finding a stranger to fuck casually and with no strings attached. Mark Zuckerberg is a dick especially because he tried to sue the Fuckbook site claiming it was too familiar in name. He lost the lawsuit and Fuckbook stands strong building a community of singles and couples looking for their next sexual adventure. Fuckbook has received recognition from many site owners and has been reviewed countless times by various review sites.

Is Fuckbook As Addictive As Facebook?

Depending on how much you enjoy fucking, you may become slightly addicted to Fuckbook’s ability to grant you access to new connections in your area. Most of the time a date will end in fucking (of course please get 100 percent consent). As addictive as Fuckbook maybe for some, it’s nothing to worry about. As the saying goes, do everything in moderation but you may want to have fuck binges, parties, and orgies and that’s fine. You may as well eat the sex cake while you still can. Time is all we have and it's slowly slipping every moment into the future.

Most of the people you meet are going to understand that Fuckbook isn’t the site to meet nice modest girls who wait for the 3rd date to kiss. Fuckbook means you want to fuck!

How Often Do Dates Land In Sex?

Most of the time dates land in sex but you still have to win the affections of the woman you take out. It’s never an automatic assumption that sex will happen. Sometimes if the vibes are off for one reason or another it may not happen but don’t worry because you can always go to fuckbook and find someone else. The majority of people you meet on Fuckbook are DTF. 

Bottom Line

Supporting a business as Fuckbook feels like giving the man a big fuck you and that feels great. Mark Zuckerberg can cry us a river of cum and if he ever joins Fuckbook nobody will ever touch his wiener. Sign up today and start finding folks who are interested in your brand of casual sex.